Heterocyclic Chemistry

Fifth Edition

John A. Joule

School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester, UKĀ 

Keith Mills

Chemistry Consultant, Ware, UK

Heterocyclic compounds have a wide range of applications but are of particular interest in medicinal chemistry, and this has catalysed the discovery and development of much heterocyclic chemistry and methods.
The fifth edition has allowed us to review thoroughly the material included in the earlier editions, to make amendments in the light of new knowledge, and to include recent work. Within the restrictions that space dictates, we believe that all of the most signifi cant heterocyclic chemistry of the 20th century and important more recent developments, has been covered or referenced.

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Brief Contents [Chapter vise]

  • 1. Heterocyclic Nomenclature
  • 2. Structures and Spectroscopic Properties of Aromatic Heterocycles
  • 3. Substitutions of Aromatic Heterocycles
  • 4. Organometallic Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • 5. Methods in Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • 6. Ring Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles
  • 7. Typical Reactivity of Pyridines, Quinolines and Isoquinolines
  • 8. Pyridines: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 9. Quinolines and Isoquinolines: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 10. Typical Reactivity of Pyrylium and Benzopyrylium Ions, Pyrones and Benzopyrones
  • 11. Pyryliums, 2- and 4-Pyrones: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 12. Benzopyryliums and Benzopyrones: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 13. Typical Reactivity of the Diazine: Pyridazine, Pyrimidine and Pyrazine
  • 14. The Diazines: Pyridazine, Pyrimidine, and Pyrazine: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 15. Typical Reactivity of Pyrroles, Furans and Thiophenes
  • 16. Pyrroles: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 17. Thiophenes: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 18. Furans: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 19. Typical Reactivity of Indoles, Benzo[b]thiophenes, Benzo[b]furans, Isoindoles,
    Benzo[c]thiophenes and Isobenzofurans
  • 20. Indoles: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 21. Benzo[b]thiophenes and Benzo[b]furans: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 22. Isoindoles, Benzo[c]thiophenes and Isobenzofurans: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 23. Typical Reactivity of 1,3- and 1,2-Azoles and Benzo-1,3- and -1,2-Azoles
  • 24. 1,3-Azoles: Imidazoles, Thiazoles and Oxazoles: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 25. 1,2-Azoles: Pyrazoles, Isothiazoles, Isoxazoles: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 26. Benzanellated Azoles: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 27. Purines: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 28. Heterocycles Containing a Ring-Junction Nitrogen (Bridgehead Compounds)
  • 29. Heterocycles Containing More Than Two Heteroatoms
  • 30. Saturated and Partially Unsaturated Heterocyclic Compounds: Reactions and Synthesis
  • 31. Special Topics
  • 32. Heterocycles in Biochemistry; Heterocyclic Natural Products
  • 33. Heterocycles in Medicine

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