The fourth impression of this book was retitled Organic Chemistry Volume one: The Fundamental Principles. The real intention was to deal with Molecular Orbital Theory in the future companion volume.

Organic Chemistry  -Volume 1

The fundamental principles



B.Sc., Ph.D., (Lond.), A.R.I.C.
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Northern Polytechnic, Holloway, London

Contents [Chapter vise]

1. Introduction

2. Structure of the Atom

Aliphatic Compounds:

3. Aliphatic Compounds

4. Paraffins

5. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

6. Halogen Derivatives of the Paraffins

7. Monohydric Alcohols

8. Ethers

9. Aldehydes and Ketones

10. Fatty Acids

11. Tautomerism

12. Polyhydric Alcohols

13. Unsaturated Alcohols, Ether, Carbonyl Compounds and Acids

14. Nitrogen Compounds

15. Aliphatic Compounds of Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic and Silicon

16. Organo-Metallic Compounds

17. Saturated Dicarboxylic Acids

18. Hydroxyacids, Stereochemistry

19. Carbohydrates

20. Alicyclic Compounds

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

21. Simple Aromatic Hydrocarbons

22. Aromatic Halogen Compounds

23. Aromatic Nitro-Compounds

24. Aromatic Amino-Compounds

25. Diazonium Saltsand their Related Compounds

26. Sulphonic Acids

27. Phenols

28. Alcohols, Aldehydes, Ketones and Quinones

29. Aromatic Acids

30. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and their Derivatives

Heterocyclic Compounds:

31. Heterocyclic Compounds

32. Dyes

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